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Heartwarming hotel for heartful people


Çinar Hotel – 40 years!

And 40 facts about the hotel that you probably didn’t know:


  1. Hotel was founded by… an ex-football player.
  2. The founder of the hotel Osman Akın was born in Gönen city (a district of Balıkesir Province of Turkey, in the southern part of Marmara sea). He was a professional football player. Then he successfully started a restaurant in Bandırma (the port city in the North-West of Turkey on the Marmara sea). Then…


  3. Funny start.
  4. The story of the beginning of Çinar hotel was really unusual. Once, just to spend time, sir Osman Akın decided to accompany his friend to an auction. Among auction lots there was the right to lease a new hotel on Avşa island. Being such a passionate person as Sir Akın was, he did not notice himself how he bought this lot. That is how he turned from the owner of the restaurant into the owner of the hotel.


  5. First Çinar hotel was situated in the different location on Avşa island – to the right side from the sea-port. It was in 1965-1975.
  6. In 2014 we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the “second” building – that Çinar hotel where you can relax today. It was opened in the summer 1974.


  7. There were no toilets and bathrooms in the rooms in this first (rental) Çinar hotel. Guests used public toilets and bathrooms on the floor.

  9. Actually Çinar hotel might now be not on Avşa island, but in… a very popular now Bodrum.
  10. After 5 years rental of the hotel on Avşa island sir Osman Akın decided to build his own hotel and chose a wonderful place in Bodrum for it. But at that time Bodrum was a protected natural park and any construction was forbidden there.


  11. Also you might have found Çinar hotel in… famous Turkish city Demre.
  12. The head of Demre city suggested to build hotel there and everything was almost solved. But suddenly he died and the situation changed again. So really Avşa is a destiny island for Cinar hotel.


  13. First idea about the name of the hotel was “Pınar otel”. That means spring (a natural fountain).
  14. But there was a hotel with the same name in Erdek - the nearby sea resort on the Marmara sea. That’s why our hotel is called “Çinar Hotel” today.


  15. “Çinar” is a Turkish name of the very popular and respected tree in Asia – plane tree. So you can translate the name of the hotel like a “Plane tree hotel”.

  17. Despite its name - Hotel Çinar (The Plane Tree Hotel) - there was no a single plane tree around it it untill 2014.  We planted first one this year in honor of the 40th anniversary of the hotel.
  18. Hard to imagine but 40 years ago the area around Çinar hotel looked like a desert and its location was considered VERY REMOTE ( ) from the center (village with a sea-port).
  19. Osman Akın freinds were shoked by his decision to build hotel in such a place. They thought that was a crazy idea. Later however it became clear that this was the right decision. Today Çinar hotel is situated in the ideal part of the Avşa island – not very far from the center, but in a quiet location. It takes only 10 minutes (remember? – TOO REMOTE!! ) to get to the center on a scenic road surrounded by flowers and green trees. Thanks to this location you can also enjoy the wonderful sand beach - the widest one on the island.


  20. In August 1999 the hotel passed the most serious test for construction quality. It was a dark year for all Turkey because of one of the strongest earthquakes in the history of the country. None of our guests was injured, because the hotel was built in compliance with all seismic regulations and its project was approved by all state authorities.

  22. Originally Çinar hotel had only two floors.
  23. Does anybody remember this?


  24. ALL guests of Çinar Hotel can enjoy SEE VEIW, because the hotel is built perpendicular to the sea.
  25. How wonderful it is to meet sunrise or sunset on your balcony!


  26. We care about all our guests, so we made ramps for guests with mobility disabilities.

  28. Do you remember that Çinar Hotel is already 40 years old! Quite a respectable age for a hotel! You can find some lovely details from the past in our hotel -like old phone cabin or old coffee-machine. Some of our guests remember a retro wooden elevator with doors that you should push to go out. Our guests love such details very much!
  29. The old safety box on the reception is a real rarity! The representatives of the manufacturing campany begged us to give it to their museum. We refused! We like it too!
  30. There is a little library for our guests in the lobby of the hotel.
  31. If you enjoy reading - spend your beach time under the umbrella in the“old” style – with a PAPER book from our library.


  32. It’s funny, but Çinar Hotel is a real “trendsetter” on Avşa island and other hotels attentively watch and follow our innovations.
  33. For example one summer we decided to paint walls of the hotel in different colors. It was new and unusual for our island. People were surprised, but… next year some hotels and homes did the same!


  34. Çinar hotel was first officially certified hotel in Avşa!
  35. Our island is small and hotels here usually don’t care about world standards, but we do.


  36. Çinar hotel was first on Avşa hotel to buy power supply generator to provide non-stop electricity for the hotel.
  37. We will tell you a big secret – until 1983 or 1985 year there were no good round-the-clock electricity on Avşa island. One weak generator worked only 4 hours in the village. For night they turned it off. But guests of Çinar hotel didn’t feel any discomfort thanks to 2 powerful electric generators. Viva technology!


  38. How Cinar hotel helped Brazilian slave Izaura.
  39. This funny story is also connected to electricity problems on Avşa island in the past. In 1990’s Brazilian series occupied the TV all over the world. All Turks were watching mega popular “The Slave Izaura” and sympathized with the destiny of the poor girl. People on Avşa were looking forward to the final of this film too. Finally the day has come, but… they cut off electricity on the island again! TV worked only in Çinar hotel thanks to our 2 power supply generators. So all islanders gathered in the hotel to watch the end of the story. All rooms were full! This time with very special guests – local people.


  40. Çinar hotel was one of the first on Avşa island to introduce air-conditionings in the rooms. Guests’ comfort is our priority!

  42. Çinar hotel was first on Avşa island to put TV into the rooms.
  43. Can you imagine there was no TV in the hotels on our little island even at the beginning of the 21st century!


  44. From the moment we  installed  Wi-Fi in our hotel (in 2006) it was free for our guests. While guests of many famous and respectable (for example) British 5* hotels still have to pay for this service. Hey,  colleagues,  why  don’t  you  follow  our  example!

  46. In Çinar hotel we offer to our guests buffet with a variety of cold dishes, BUT for dinner main dishes are only according to the menu. We serve it separately for each guest.
  47. The owners of the hotel are strongly committed to this because it allows keeping food hot and fresh.


  48. When it comes to the quality of food, we are really very scrupulous, careful and attentive to details.
  49. You can be sure that it’s always fresh. For example we buy only the freshest chickens because it’s one of the most perishable food product in the summer. By the way many years ago chickens came to the hotel alive in the cages. There was no other way to keep poultry fresh that time.


  50. Because of our careful attention to food there was no case of poisonings in the history of the hotel.

  52. Do you know one of the signs of a good hotel? It is a good, not the cheapest cheese for breakfast! You can always find it in Çinar Hotel.
  53. Several years ago there were no jam in little plastic boxes. So guests of Çinar hotel enjoyed the most real HAND-MADE jams.
  54. Fresh strawberries, cherries, apricots, plums came to the hotel and our cookers made jams with their own hands under the leadership of the wife of the owner of the hotel. What a wonderful time it was!


  55. Nowadays we buy fish for dinner at big supermarkets. But in the old time our guests were enjoyed the freshest fish caught the same day right here from the Marmara sea. There were so much fish in the Maramara sea that a one day catch by one fisherman was enough to feed all the guests of the hotel. And that fisherman was Osman Akın - the owner of the hotel. :)

  57. We don’t serve dinner with silver tableware. But every night our waiters carefully rub spoons and forks one by one with fresh clean towels and napkins to make your dinner a pleasure.

  59. During its 40 years history Çinar hotel was honored to meet a lot of Turkish stars – actors, ambassadors and other VIP-guests. On the photo bellow you can see a Turkish superstar singer Ajda Pekkan in Çinar hotel. May be you will be lucky to meet some of them when you come to stay with us!
  60. We never said it before, but around 10 years Çinar hotel gave free accommodation to children from Bandırma – the best pupils whose families could not afford such holidays.

  62. A lot of our guests became our friends and keep coming to our hotel every year for decades! WE LOVE YOU!
  63. Çinar hotel is a right choice for honeymooners!
  64. The founder of Çinar Hotel Sir Osman Akın told this story. Long time ago a couple of honeymooners came to our hotel to spend first month of their family life. And… the result appeared exactly in 9 months! Of course it was very pleasant to us. But the most interesting thing happened many years later. His son grew up, married, came with his wife to our hotel too and… the situation repeated. So two generations of one family were grateful to the hotel for birth!


  65. For 40 years Çinar Hotel is a one family-run business. It allows us to keep family-like and hearty atmosphere.
  66. There is a tradition in Turkey to remember ancestors by cooking sweets doughnuts and special semolina halvah. Every year we do this in the hotel in memory of our dear family members who already left us. So if one day we give you doughnuts with halvah it means that it’s a sad day for us.


  67. The part of little pine forest on the Avşa island appeared thanks to Çinar hotel’s sponsorship. And we hope this only the beginning.

  69. Around 15 years ago we planted 9 wonderful palms on the territory of Çinar Hotel.
  70. There are 3 Canary palms (lat. Phoenix canariensis) which is the natural symbol of the Canary Islands. Other 6 palms are Europian fan palms (lat. Chamaerops humilis). Our guests love to make photos with it very much.

    Sea, palms and you – what a sweet memory from the holiday!


  71. There are also 2 really beautiful Stone pines (lat. Pinus pinea) on the territory of Çinar Hotel. It is so cool to sit in the evening under the pines and breathe in its fresh scent. These pines are quite big already, but once they were only 2 fingers thick!

  73. The summer season in Marmara sea is shot – from June till the middle of September. But 40-30 years ago it was much shorter and Çinar Hotel opened only on the 1st of July. Fortunately nowadays you can come to us at the very beginning of the summer. Welcome!

It is great when a hotel has its stories and its own history. Of course the history of our hotel is not as big as Hilton’ or Marriott's history, but we value and carefully preserve it.

Years go by…   The hotel gets better and better… Our guests are growing up together with us... Our palms and pines try to reach the sky. Everything is ok. And let it be...

Değirmenardı Mevkii, Avşa Island, The Sea of Marmara, 
Balikesir, Turkey
Phone: +90 266 896 10 14 - 896 13 60
Fax: +90 266 896 10 52

E-mail: cinaravsa@yahoo.com.tr

MSN: cinaravsa@hotmail.com
Mobile: +90 546 896 13 60

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